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Beating Drum is an Independent record label run by Piers Faccini.

Purveyors of eclecticism we create lovingly made objects that bring together music, art and writing.

Piers Faccini - With Kitty I'll Go (Free Download link in description)

Jenny Lysander - The Thought That I Love (From Lighthouse EP Out Now)


We’re excited and proud to be realising the first EP by our young recruit Jenny Lysander !

Lighthouse EP (Produced by Piers Faccini) - CD & Digital now up on our shop:

And also available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify etc.

Jenny Lysander was born in 1993 and has been writing songs and playing the guitar since the age of thirteen. She currently lives in Stockholm, where between traveling and playing, is studying Chinese philosophy at Stockholm university.

Jenny Lysander’s music has an eerie other worldliness to it, her songs like the bare Nordic shores that she hails from, depict the cold blue horizons of unknown internal landscapes, where a winter sun rises briefly before setting once more. Melancholy and delicate, they breathe nonetheless the hope and courage that comes from staring a hard truth in the eyes.



Piers’s attention was first drawn to Jenny’s voice when he came across a cover that she had posted on youtube of one of his songs ‘Time of Nought’. They later met at one of Piers’s concerts in London where the twenty one year old Swedish songwriter gave him a copy of some of her demos. After hearing her songs, Piers invited her to come and record at his studio in the countryside of the Cevennes region of the south of France. Nestled in the woods, far from the noise and interference of the city, the rural studio seemed like the perfect environment for Jenny Lysander’s quiet and poetic songs to be recorded.

It’s also in this studio that Piers Faccini has been making a name for himself as a producer, not only of his own albums but also by other artists like the Brazilian Dom la Nena, the Neapolitan singer-songwriter Gnut and the Trinidadian poet and singer Roger Robinson. The recordings from ‘Lighthouse’ Jenny Lysander's EP, bring together her beautifully crafted songs with Piers's subtle and complimentary skills as an arranger and producer.

More recording time has been booked this summer for Jenny’s debut full length album that will come out on Beating Drum at the end of 2014.

"I was drawn to Jenny Lysander’s songs from the first moment I heard her demos. Behind the delicate arpeggios I heard a true and rare poetic voice and one whose words and melodies I’ve fallen in love with ever since. I’m overjoyed that Beating Drum is the first label to be publishing Jenny’s songs and I feel priviliged to be taking up the role of producing and arranging her beautiful writing." Piers Faccini.

Find Jenny Lysander on the web: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter


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